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Start-ups are the reason behind many revolutionary products and they keep adding value through patents and creating new market opportunities.



We engage with start-ups at different stages to help them with formulating strategies, building POCs, creating media for their ad campaign, launch events, etc, we encourage start-ups to seek collaborations as they are beneficial in establishing cultures, gives access to a network of manufacturers and vendors and helps to put your development on a high way. the following are some of the ways we can collaborate.

Get a Blueprint

If you already have a team or in the processes of forming a team, we can help you find the missing pieces of the puzzle by providing consultation thorough online interactive, one to one session, where we can help start-ups create a road map for their product development activities, a project plan; other benefits include knowledge sharing, finding bottlenecks, directional inputs, problems identification and simplifications.

Building POC

Building POCs and reaching a conclusion requires a lot of iterations, hence an expert hand is needed to make each iteration quick and tasks in hand for a start-up can be over whelming, we can help you to keep the POC iterations on track and focused, our expertise in creating many products can help in cutting a lot of assumptions and reduce mistakes.

Product for Pitching

We can help you transform a POC to a minimum viable product and with our inhouse prototyping facilities we can create parts that are identical to production versions, some of the ways we produce these parts are by using vacuum casting, SLA, SLS and Jet Fusion. these models can help your product to get a good impression and give you an edge while presenting your product to the investors.

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