A Sustainable future with Automotive that grows with you!!

The Winner of Prestigious Michelin Jury Award in Michelin Challenge Design 2020

industrial design of soul e

We believe the solution to global sustainability is to make humans more emotionally connected to the object he uses. The use and throw culture have penetrated so deeply into our society. We tend to change gadgets, automobiles, and other things so frequently. But research says humans are closely attached to things that have life and emotion.

product render of soul e

The core principle of Soul E is the emotional connection with the Eman (Is the companion or the owner of Soul-E who will connect to Soul-E from his childhood till his death). The emotional connection is the feeling you have when something is more of an extension of the self than just being an owner of it.

product development of soul e

“Soul-E” is an automobile of the future that has an ability to grow and respond along with time also reproduce to have offspring for the next generation of users. It has the potential to be more carbon-efficient than any other modes of transportation considering that the vehicle will evolve to the ever-changing individual needs with time and situation, the user need not buy new vehicles time to time which will contribute towards the environment by lesser landfill, lesser energy consumption, lesser material consumption.

As the user need not spend on a new vehicle it would be an economic option of transportation. Societal benefits would be that this vehicle creates better-connected people and also it can be a common man’s vehicle.

industrial design and development in our studio

The Form of the automotive is inspired from the story of embryo development.

product sketching and exploration

Soul E is designed in such a way that the vehicle grows both physically and emotionally from eman’s cradle to eman’s grave and his/her memory and experience will transfer to the next generation through Epoch (the brain of the vehicle) and Soul-E will reborn for new eman of next-generation with grand eman’s memory and experience. Hence taking the relationship between man and machine to a new level.

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