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The first Vespa, produced by Enrico Piaggio inspired by the Cushman scooters used by the American military during WWII, designer Corradino D'Ascanio first produced a scooter design for Ferdinando Innocenti (Lambretta), but after a disagreement, took his design to Enrico Piaggio, an aircraft manufacturer. Vespa, meaning "wasp" in Italian, was attributed by Piaggio's at first sight of the design, exclaiming that it looked like a wasp.

As an Industrial Design firm, we believe looking back to history will give more insight into the future. The Vespa 98 electric concept version is a reincarnation of the original design. The concept is much more like a modern incarnation with sleek styling cues with streamlining features. In a nutshell, it looks like a modern scooter with a retro feel.

Vespa 98 by Mightyseed Designs

Vespa 98 by Mightyseed Designs

Vespa 98 by Mightyseed Designs

Vespa 98 by Mightyseed Designs

Vespa 98 by Mightyseed Designs

The front wears a bolder look than the original one with a modern handle. Same as original the front mudguard also houses the LED headlight. The single-seat scooter does not get any rear-view mirrors Instead; it has lidar placed at the rear give notification to the rider. The motor draws energy from a 30 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that’s located in the belly of the scooter. The hub motor wheel has a sportier look than the original version. A sloping tail lamp strip of the rear indicator unit gives a unique appearance to Vespa 98 Concept. There is a huge storage area available inside the belly, which makes the concept most suitable for the Holiday trip.

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