Mightyseed reinterpreting the benchmark of Freedom

Gypsy was the third vehicle launched by Maruti Suzuki in India and it was one of the models that lasted long in the market. Gypsy was popular among the off-roaders and still owns its place in the Indian rally and Indian army.

Mightyseed believes reincarnation of old legend automobiles is not about doing something aesthetically pleasing. it's about reimagining the product in a way it has never been done before without losing the spirit.

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With the new reincarnation project of Gypsy, we are exploring the possibility of how future Suzuki gypsy could be, its like capture the old spirit in a new bottle.

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With the bold commanding stance, the Mightyseed Gypsy concept stands out for its unique neo-retro style. The bold twisty shoulder line gives a unique styling element to stand out from other Competitors.

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The typical exploring nature of the concept is concentrated in the large trunk storage area separated from cabin space, allowing the passengers to store wet clothes and other accessories.

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This project is a tribute to classic gypsy and also a call of action to bring back the legend.

mechanical product development company

for the uninitiated, Mightyseed Designs is an innovative design company offering full product design and development (a.s.a mechanical design, engineering design, mechanical product development company), CX (customer experience design), Strategy consultation


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