Audacious Beautiful Concept Design of Hindustan Motors Contessa EV !

Hindustan Motors used to be a symbol of power and comfort. The company was the largest car manufacturer in India before the rise of Maruti Udyog.

Our team started a project to reincarnate the brand Hindustan Motors with the new design language.

Contessa by Mightyseed Designs

It is no secret that aesthetics with more cabin space has been a major influence on the design of electric automobiles and its one of the important driving forces in the design of Contessa EV.

Contessa by Mightyseed Designs

As a Product design company, we believe elegance is intertwined with simplicity and this we can see in the DNA of the concept.

Contessa by Mightyseed Designs

we lowered the body and increased the width of the cabin than old, providing the model with a distinct look outside.

Contessa by Mightyseed Designs

If there is a fuel driving the Contessa, it is its nostalgia.

Contessa by Mightyseed Designs

The concept is an official invitation for HM by Mightyseed Designs to re-enter the Indian market with an electric power train concept.

The Test Drive

Our simulation team wanted to take this concept on a test drive so they imported the industrial design model into Flow Simulation. The simulation was carried out for a speed of 290 Kmph. The velocity of air around the vehicle and the airflow trajectory as the vehicle cut flies through the air. The following results were the outcome of the simulation.

Minimal air resistance in the front of the vehicle was observed, as air can escape through the hidden vents on the front

However, from the flow trajectory result, our team could find that the airflow redirection on the front bottom could have been made better to guide the air into the ground clearance of the vehicle, our team takes this as an input for the future concept developments

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