Akhrot Digger, makes it easy peasy to fertilize or to sow seed in your garden

Mechanical product development project

Ever hesitated to clear soil with naked hands or tools that don't fit the planter, here is a simple device that helps you get the job done without messing your hands. what Akhrot Digger does is, with a couple of twists with your wrist you cut a clean cylindrical portion out of the soil, having the soil extracted, it makes it easy to add fertilizer close to the root or plant a new sapling or sow seeds

The advantages of Akhrot digger compared some of the existing solutions are, it can be used both manually and using drilling machine, low cost and it is made out of 100% recycled plastic

Prototype in action

What sparked this idea?

our team was working on creating a Proof of Concept for different project for which one of the idea revolved around use a screw feeder mechanism, our approach to solve stubborn problems is 'fail fast to succeed' where we build multiple concepts parallelly, this screw feeder though didn't make it into our final model it found an alternate destination when one of our team member whose hobby is gardening wanted a better method of fertilizing plants in container or to plant saplings which usually is not comfortable because of lack of proper tools, when he saw this screw feeder in the 'Explorebin' that's when the screw feeder became the Akhrot digger

Explorebin, How one product seeds innovation for another ?

A well known technique often found in many of the leading industrial design consultancies all over the world to inspire innovation is to collect interesting objects in a box, different companies call this with different names, here at Mightyseed we call it the Explorebin

whenever we face a block in our creative we take a moment to checkout the objects in the Explorebin and try to crosspollinate the ideas, rarely the crosspollination works with zero modification, mostly a little or lot of changes has to be done to suit the required purpose at times we may even have to build a something new from scratch based on the what inspired us from the Explorebin


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