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All we need is Hot Puttu

We are all set to give an upgrade to the traditional puttukutty. The new design revolves around the modern technology that lets you convert water to vapor in a faster way and the compactness that lets you carry the product around with ease and use it anywhere.


THE CHALLENGE                   

An user friendly cookware, modern and functional at different environments


Consumer Appliances


Industrial design and Design Engineering 





Client : Mightyseed Store


Puttukutty has followed the trails of the coffee maker, rice cooker to become an electric device that simplified our process, the device uses an instant vaporizer to heat the water and produce steam faster. The device also comes with a handy bottle sized, easy to carry puttu warmer that you can carry to the office with precooked puttu, the warmer can store ample water and has a mini vaporizer that enables you to reheat the puttu when you are traveling.

"Today the lifestyle of people demands speed in every aspect of the task they do, let it be kitchen or office, the way they see the product has changed a lot as people tend to spend more time around products than with fellow humans than ever before. As a design firm, we feel it's our responsibility to make this engagement meaningful."