Traditional IV drips getting smarter with Dripo Monitor

Mightyseed designs partnered with Evelabs to develop a drip rate monitoring device for IV therapy that is a low-cost alternative to infusion pumps


THE CHALLENGE                   

A remote intravenous fluid management for hospitals and homecare, with fast installation, cost effective and splash-proof design ​ 


IoT, Medical  


Industrial design, Design Engineering and package design for the device



the device received interest from major players in the market.


Dripo Monitor


Client : Evelabs

Dripo Monitor is a wireless, portable, connected infusion monitor device, the core function of the device is to count the IV drops and calculate real-time drop rate. the device has a patented two arms clamping mechanism at the rear side, the device is installed by simply sliding the device with the drip chamber in between the clamping arms; once installed and set up the device will send data to a central hub installed at the nursing station, where rate changes and completion of every source will be alerted. The hub is also a smart infusion chart, where the status of every ongoing and upcoming infusion and patient history will be shown.


The decline in the ratio of nurse to the patient has created a safety concern as the traditional IV therapy causes over or under dosage. the anticipated user experience is improved safety for the patients by alerting the caretaker on dosage or failure and better IV therapy experience for the patients. the device is designed to be IP 54 splash-proof, the device is also expected to be CE certified, the certification aspects were also considered from the initial ideation stages.

For the development of the Dripo monitor, ISO 13485 based R&D process was followed and Mightyseed Worked along with Evelabs in exploring different options for clamping, the significance being easier installation and service, the device was made compact and lightweight keeping in mind that one person may carry more than 2 devices at the time of emergency, for the device to be splash-proof and at the same time it should not add to the assembly time, the team integrated the rubber seal along with functional parts, the Dripo monitor also has lesser number of parts to reduce the production cost.


The device should also survive an accidental drop, in this case, metal fasteners were inevitable but to keep the visuals plain and elegant the fasteners were sheltered below the Dial, the device has a dual-tone colour to make the device look pleasing for both patients and caretakers. the material used for the transparent front part was finalized based on resistance to scratches and clear transmission of light from the display beneath, as not to cause any legibility issues.