Listen to your heart

Mightyseed designs partnered with Waferchips to develop a heart rate monitoring device that is capable of replacing uncomfortable holter used in hospitals currently  


THE CHALLENGE                   

Portable device that looks sleek, harmless and should easily withstand casual drops 


A wearable device, IoT, Medical 


Industrial design, Design Engineering and Package design



The fast adoption rate of the device owing to the minimal design of the device letting the patients walk with it, not disturbing their usual activities. 


Biocalculus Device 


Client : Waferchips

Waferchips had a clear set of goals, they wanted to detect cardiac problems in an early stage and wanted their device to reach every nook and corner of the country and they wanted Mightyseed to help them achieve this, the cardiac device needs to be attached with human body for a longer time to get more accurate results, the currently available device for detecting cardiac did not have good portability and had several leads stuck to the body and it was costly too, this daunting experience was evident that an alternate solution is required 

Mightyseed identified opportunities in the design perspective that would emphasize cutting down the cost of the device, and carried out an ergonomic study to arrive at the optimum size of the device for patients to walk with it comfortably. After exploring various forms, we went forward with a form that’s inspired by pebbles. We validated the prototype for easy handling and comfort of wearing the device and the form was passed to the engineering phase for the reliable, robust outcome while preserving the design features 

The device comes with a USB port that lets you connect with a smartphone, the device is activated with an app, the app is designed to have minimal interactions by using maximum automation. The device is capable of storing data on the cloud for easy retrieval and understand the historical record of each patient