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Rescue People Trapped in Landslides

Mightyseed designs developed an assistive device to rescue people trapped in landslides.


THE CHALLENGE                   

Portable device, harmless to the body and should easily withstand rugged operation.


A Portable device, Rescue operation


Industrial design and Design Engineering 



Bean Rescue Device


Client : Self initiated

Climate Change is no more a prediction for future it's a new normal for all the living around the globe, the result being frequent natural disasters which are as seasonal as a regular summer, some of those natural disasters are the landslides and building collapses where people and animals gets trapped. the rescuers carefully dig at various places and use earth movers to clear the soil and find trapped people. the Bean rescue assist is designed to assist in rescue operations, the bean rescue assist has a 3ft long screw digger with a thermal probe at the tip, a lever to rotate the screw, a handle to hold the device and a display to read the sensor output. the bean rescue assist is battery powered so that people who perform the rescue operation can carry some of these devices as the search for trapped people rescuers can manually dig at places where they suspect people to be trapped, operating the lever manually makes the user sensitive to blocks which could be trapped people or animals, once the screw hits a block the thermal probe transmits the temperature of the blocking body, the rescuer can check the reading on the display to assess the possibility of trapped beings

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The bean rescue assist is designed for people participating in rescue operations; hence it is made rugged and features an easy to interpret display, soft handles and made of light weight hardened aluminum screw and engineering plastic handles, so the device is easy to carry, as people of various ages may handle the device. the colour coded display makes it easy for the rescuer to interpret the findings without barriers of literacy, this device can also be operated by untrained people who could be friends or relatives of the trapped people.

comparing to consumer electronics industries, rescue operations get lesser attention and innovations, hence there are lots of scope to innovate new products, bean rescue assist is one such innovative product in this space. the absence of any assistive devices makes it hard for rescuers to carry out the operation. the bean rescue assist as a whole product was designed to fill this gap

Bean Rescue is like a fire extinguisher, which is mandatory equipment in industries and place with fire hazards, bean rescue assist would become a mandatory equipment in the places that are prone to frequent landslides. this device is also a mandatory equipment for fire fighters, army staying in border where they get trapped under snow or when army is involved in rescue operations, multiple such devices must be available with a team to broaden their search when required.

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